Outdoor Birthday Party Venue in Charlotte NC for a private event is special.

One of our client, For their daughter’s first birthday, toured our location. We had planned to work on the 40″ bar countertop configuration that was to be attached to one of the columns in the outdoor pergola setup the following morning.

The client desired to use this outdoor pergola for the cutting of the cake, and we are attentive to our clients’ desires. This generated several thoughts.

We opted to install a simple-to-decorate wooden back wall, fabricated a mobile countertop with coaster wheels, which could be placed wherever it is convenient to store trays and return gifts and whatnot.

Now, this outdoor setting can easily accommodate sixty to seventy people.

The barn door building was deemed an excellent addition for catering purposes.
We are constantly adding amenities and also keeping in mind that we do not want to clutter the place. After all, at Manjal Space we want to keep it as a flex space and let our guests bring their imagination to the table.

If you have friends or family seeking for a flexible space, please share our social accounts with the hashtag #manjalspace

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