We are now called Manjal Manor

Wedding Venue in Charlotte NC

Event Space in Charlotte NC

Manjal Space is an indoor and outdoor multi-purpose event venue that offers flexible event space in Huntersville NC. Our Event Space is located within 20 mins from Charlotte's uptown.

Manjal Space

Simple Pricing

No hassle affordable and competitive pricing.

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Chairs and Tables

We charge nothing extra that's in the venue.

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Indoor & Outdoor

When you book with us, you have the entire space for yourself.

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We believe in adding value

Our primary goal is to ensure that your party goes smooth, and we cater to all your needs at its very best. For the most part, cost is the huge concern for everyone, so we tried our best to accommodate and set our pricing extremely competitive that you will find nowhere in relation to what is being offered and the venue location, services, flexibility.

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Wedding Venue

Are you planning your dream wedding? Are you struggling to find the right venue that balances budget yet looks gorgeous? Elopement intimate wedding venue that create memories is what we call Manjal Space

Party Venue

So, you've decided to host a party - congratulations! We all love parties and hosting your own can be a lot of fun. But when it comes to choosing the right venue, it can be challenging. Manjal Space makes it easy.

Bridal Shower

So, there's a special day coming up in the next year or two - it's called a 'bridal shower' and you know what that means! It's your time to shine as the soon-to-be bride and let people shower you with love and gifts.
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Baby Shower

Baby showers are such an exciting time for everyone involved! Throwing the perfect one not only shows your love for the mom-to-be, but also sets future parents up for success. Manjal Space is ideal.

Video Production

when it comes to a successful video production, The venue, of course matters. Great video production starts with finding the right venue for your clients. We offer flex creative space that meet everyone needs.


Knowing what your options are before you choose a venue is essential if you want to get great photos. You’ll want to consider factors like whether the venue offers natural light or not, how much space you’ll have, etc.


Are you looking for a place to hold your next conference meeting, training or workshop? Do you need an affordable, spacious venue with great service, and all essentials included? You don't have to leave somewhere for the Happy Hour. All inclusive.

Popup Shops

Have a product or clothing that you'd like to sell? Our venue is perfect for that.
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Manjal Space Event Venue in Charlotte

We provide a super cool creative event space that are both indoor and outdoor. There is no reasonably priced location that provides both an indoor and outdoor event space in addition to convenient on-site parking. Almost never will you be able to find everything you need for your party in a single location. With this goal in mind, we designed Manjal Space event venue in Charlotte, North Carolina, that is ideal for your wedding, parties, and business meetings.

Every guest who tour the venue; without fail, reflect on how they were unprepared for the stunning beauty of the interior and exterior. In spite of the modest appearance from the road, this home's interior and exterior are filled with exquisite details. Schedule a tour to experience the space in person. Photos don't do justice.

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