Cleaning fee is a must going forward at Manjal Space.

As a Airbnb super host, and having had a pleasure to host a lot of guests for over 4 years, It has always been my pleasure to go above and beyond for everyone. Whenever possible, I try my best to let go some of the cost. I never settle for anything less than a 5* experience with the people I deal with. But lately it has been extremely difficult to please everyone, and there is always that 5% who makes it difficult. As much as I prefer to serve the 95% and not change the way I do business, It hasn’t been helpful to me as a person/entrepreneur.  Below is one such experience, that I must share and justify the need for the cleaning cost.

A couple of reviews out of 100’s from my Airbnb and long term tenants.

I have accommodated a renter whom I let go of the cleaning expense because they promised to leave the place as it was given, and they were on a tight budget. I obliged, and even let them stay overnight to celebrate their daughter’s birthday.

Outcome was that,

they did for sure the very best they could to leave the place clean. But that is NOT enough for me to turn it over to the next guest, if that makes sense. And when I bring this to their attention, the renter gets extremely upset and claim as a host I should be doing at least this much cleaning.

Right. I should. If I have charged the cleaning fee. Which I did not. It is absolutely not a wrong expectation from the guest point of view.

But what the guest did not realize was, to perform the cleaning of the entire space by sweeping the floor, mopping, taking some left over trash out(which is absolutely their responsibility even with the cleaning fee), left over items from the guest as you can see in the photos below, all takes time and effort. Someone has to do it.

It took a couple of hours to restore this place, and I had everything on site for the guest to do the very same. But they just didn’t think its’ their job when they paid nothing for the cleaning.

I am always learning, and experience like this teaches a lesson. NO matter how much a guest claims they can leave the place to it’s original state, I think it is just not possible for them after their event ends.

I wish the guest understands that. Reason being, they are dressed up for the event, and might not have enough help, might be tired already, and possibly also think what they did was enough.

By default Manjal Space or any event space requirement is that Renter shall remove all personal property, trash, and other items that were not present in the venue when Renter took control of it.

Most of the times Renter forgets, the reason they like the place when they see in the photos or in person walkthrough is how clean the space and the landscape looks. As an event owner, it is my utmost responsibility to provide the similar best experience to every guest after guest.

The very reason that I am even writing this post about the cleaning is to have my guest clearly understanding the need for the cleaning fee, and it will not be an exception going forward.

Manjal Space cleaning fee is $100. This doesn’t mean renter would leave the place trash. It is still their responsibility to remove all personal property, trash, and other items that were not present in the venue when Renter took control of it.

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