Party Venue Charlotte NC

A party venue is an ideal place for any type of event, whether it be a birthday party, wedding reception, corporate function or even a business meeting. A private party venue is usually rented out for a number of hours. Manjal Space party venue has been the ideal venue for the most for various reasons which we will explore below. 

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Why rent a party venue in Charlotte?

The main benefit of renting a private party venue is that host and guests can enjoy themselves and the party venue provide a sense of privacy and exclusivity which makes them perfect for any events where the focus is on fun rather than formality.

Now, there are two types of party venues. Indoor party venue and the Outdoor party venue. Not every party venue offers the hybrid option that blend the both. At Manjal Space the entire .8 acre of indoor and outdoor space which has a mix of covered outdoor pergola, barn door style 10' ceiling creative space that can be used for DJs and bar, and the main indoor space that comes with a 7.1 speaker system, fully lit with both natural light through plenty of windows and canned LED lights along with a cathedral crown molding that has beautiful 64000 combination of colored LED lights that brings party mood instantly. Bring your imagination to creatively decorate the space that suits for your private party. At Manjal Space party venue, the rental fee includes a good limited amount of chairs and tables, on-premise parking,