Turmeric is an essential part of every celebration.

Story behind Manjal Space

Every celebration includes a reference to turmeric’s significance.

In Hindu rituals, turmeric is thought to bring good fortune. Every ritual has a place for turmeric, which symbolizes purity, fertility, health, and is considered auspicious.

Turmeric refreshes the mind, body, and spirit. Both literally and symbolically, turmeric is regarded as a purifier and a cleanser. It’s true that the color yellow conjures up images of new beginnings, tranquility, and contentment. 

Now, if you did not know, India has 22 official languages. Language Tamil is one of them, and has the oldest non-Sanskritic literature among Indian languages. 

Turmeric is known in Tamil as Manjal.

When brainstorming for a unique name, the celebratory significance of turmeric came to mind. Those who reserve our manjal space event venue do so because they intend to host an event of some sort that is special to them. Thus, the name “Manjal Space” was created.